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– World-class intructors

– Cutting-edge curriculum

– Convenient uptown location

– Best prices in Manhattan

– No ID or proof-of-residence required

About Us
Speak Up is a worldwide leader in English language instruction for adults, offering personalized classes at the lowest prices in New York City. Whether permanent New Yorker or temporary visitor, you will see an amazing improvement in your English proficiency at Speak Up.
Why Speak Up?


With Speak Up, you create your schedule every week, adjusting it as needed. Just utilize our flexible timetable and customize it to your needs. If you miss a class, you can reschedule it for a later date. Don’t waste time or money!


Fun Activities

You will be given free access to Club Activities focused on English usage in real-life situations. This includes visiting cultural sites, museums, parks— explore the best the Big Apple has to offer!


Student Zone 24/7

New York City never sleeps, and neither does our online Student Zone. Our multimedia component enables you to sharpen your English skills 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of your own home. (Pajamas optional).


Personalized Classes

You choose your classes depending on your needs. Conversation, grammar, vocabulary–  decide what is most important to you. And our small class sizes (1-7 students) ensure you’ll enjoy more teacher attention and more opportunities to Speak Up!

tuition (3 months)
course price
Textbook Price
Total Price
One course includes:
                                  20 hours of classroom time with a certified ESL instructor
                                  20 hours of multimedia lessons 
                                  Wide range of club activities and workshops
No registration fee or hidden charges.
Our Method



The most modern multimedia technologies
  • Online converation practice
  • Track your improvement
  • 24/7 access



Language workshops
  • Accent Reduction
  • Conversation
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Business English



Classes in small groups
  • Groups of up to 7 students
  • Certified, experiened ESL teachers
  • Small class size = personalized instruction, opportunity to participate


Student Zone
  • Access to multimedia lessons from anywhere in the world
  • Book classes online
  • Change your schedule on-the-fly
  • Additional language exercises



Progress monitoring system
  • Regular progress reports
  • Job search support
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1) John ________________ every night before he goes to bed.
2) ________________ people choose to learn English to improve their careers.
3) Michael went to the dry cleaners to pick ________________ his suit.
4) Keep trying. Don’t give ________________!
5) Christina wants to be healthy, so she quit ________________.
6) ________________ me about your English goals.
7) There ________________ over 2 million Spanish speakers in New York City.
8) Two countries border the United States. One is Canada. ________________ is Mexico.
9) Kristen ________________ 29 years old.
10) Many Americans ________________ money from the bank.

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