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The Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing Your New York City English Academy

Whether you’re a long time New Yorker or have just moved to the Big Apple, choosing the right English school to improve your speaking and writing doesn’t have to be hard work. The most important thing to ask yourself is “What is my personal learning goal?” Are you studying English for professional or business reasons? Would you like to speak more fluently and communicate better in English with friends and colleagues? Do you need to improve your English writing skills to stand out in the workplace? Before you begin setting your own personal English goals, here are three quick tips when searching out your ideal English academy and deciding on a perfect approach to learning English once and for all.

In the 21st century (and especially in New York City), life moves at a busy pace. Sometimes we make plans and they are canceled at the last moment. Other times, we have an open schedule that suddenly fills up at the last minute. Creating an English study plan is important if you really want to achieve your language goals, but it shouldn’t hold you back from getting out there and practicing English in real-world situations. That’s what it’s all about after all! That’s why at Speak Up USA, we offer flexible schedules that adapt to your fast-paced lifestyle.You decide what works and what doesn’t, and are free to mix up your days and times however you choose. Speak with one of our qualified Speak Up USA consultants to learn more about our flexible schedules and activities.

We all learn differently. Although a book can be a useful tool for learning English, it’s also important to seek out more innovative teaching methods. Some English students learn visually, while others would like to improve their listening abilities. Thanks to our innovative, multimedia platform that lets you access English resources and materials 24 hours a day, Speak Up USA offersonline digital learning experiences that are interactive andperfectly suited to your personal learning styles. With our personalized Student Zone, movies, exercises, online conversation practice, and campus news can all be accessed quickly and easily. Our one-of-a-kind personalized learning portal lets you make the most of your English studies. We’re all unique in how we learn and study English, so it only makes sense that our lesson plans are as modern and tech-savvy as you are.

Group Size

Lots of New York City English schools fill their classrooms with an overwhelming number of students in order to maximize their profits. This only makes the experience worse for students and often forces unmotivated teachers to move through material quickly without enough time to answer the many questions and doubts of each individual student. From our own experience at Speak Up USA, we’ve discovered that small groups are the key to maximizing your time and achieving real results. All our English classes have a maximum limit of just 7 students. This low number lets our experienced English teachers address the concerns of every single student while also allowing for in-class discussions and activities. Don’t be fooled by New York English schools that offer the cheapest prices and seem too good to be true. At Speak Up USA, we understand that your time is extremely important and that you’re looking for quality results that concentrate on communication, grammar, and vocabulary. Through our innovative approach to teaching, we’ve proven time and time again that extra small class sizes and a personalized learning plan are the most important factors for students who want to really absorb the language and measure their success.

If you’re tired of English schools that promise to deliver results and fall short, we invite you to visit the team at Speak Up USA. You’ll find qualified teachers that offer a personal approach to learning a new language and are willing to help you no matter what English level you currently have. We offer local English classes with an international appeal and a step-by-step process that’s sure to have you speaking English like a pro in no time. Come visit us at 1970 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd to learn more about how we can successfully help you on your path to learning English.


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