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International Language Study for Professionals in NYC

As the world becomes more connected both digitally and physically, the English language plays an increasingly important role in international business. Have you ever considered how business is done all over the world when there isn’t a common language? How is it possible that Japanese car makers can effectively negotiate with Italian leather manufacturers and Brazilian rubber suppliers? For business professionals in all fields, English communication is a driving factor in making deals and ensuring that success is achieved in the easiest and clearest manner possible.

Many of our students at Speak Up quickly discover that learning English is a key factor in helping them stand out in their workplace. In fact, we have courses which are specifically tailored to business professionals learning English. These lessons incorporate vocabulary, expressions, and idioms which are sure to be important at some point in your professional future. If you ask around, a surprising amount of business professionals will tell you that their lack of English is one of the greatest factors holding them back from a company promotion. If you’ve ever had to give an important presentation in English or happened to be put in charge of taking notes for your company when listening to one, then you know how challenging it can be to have a responsibility that you don’t feel 100% confident or comfortable about.

Speak Up USA understands the incredible demands placed on international employees in the United States. Often times, your boss or company manager may not take into account that you have studied English for years or decades just to be able to perform your job effectively. Unfortunately, sometimes a lack of solid communication or a failure to express yourself properly in English can be poorly interpreted by a supervisor who has never had to realize the struggles of living and working with a foreign language. It’s important that you speak English properly so that your knowledge and hard work shine through as they should.

Whether you feel good about it or not, the English language is a necessity in the business world. Rather than shying away from English or hiding your lack of understanding, Speak Up USA encourages you to be open and vocal in a relaxed setting where you won’t feel judged or uncomfortable. We want our English students to embrace the opportunities that the English language can bring. We understand that it is often hard to get out of your comfort zone and will encourage you to share your unique experience with the English language.

In our New York City classroom, we have groups of adults from all over the world who are all there for one important reason – learning English. When you’re in a classroom with international students that have your same English level, it’s easier to feel comfortable speaking and sharing stories in English. You don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed if you make a mistake because it’s very likely that somebody else will also learn from your error. At Speak Up USA, we embrace diversity and culture in a laidback classroom setting that encourages dialog, interaction, and hopefully a little bit of fun.

Don’t let your fears hold you back from opening up a new door to your professional future. Whether this is the first English class you’ve ever taken or you’re a New York City native looking to elevate your professional skills, we’ll guide you through every step of the learning process until you see real results and gain confidence speaking English. The English language doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Visit us today for a no-risk consultation and get started on your path toward professional English communication. We’ll even let you try us at no charge. Your first class is free!

Stop in and see us at 1970 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd in New York City or give us a call to unleash your English potential today!