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Unfortunately, there is no simple shortcut when it comes to learning how to spell in English. It just takes practice. And a lot of it.

Moreover, most professional positions require a high level of communication in English and often assume that any English speaker, native or otherwise, should also have impeccable spelling skills.

At Speak Up USA, we guide our adult students in business English by teaching them the best ways to infer unknown words in English. However, lots of our students begin to ask themselves: is it actually worth all the effort to learn how to spell properly in English?

Here are the top five reasons why our team at Speak Up USA thinks learning to spell in English is incredibly important.

Bad Spelling Can Affect Your Score
More and more examination criteria are testing students’ ability to spell and punctuate as a way of creating a filter. This may seem unfair, but does it seem worth the risk? Do you want to lower your great score for something as foolish—and easy to avoid—as poor spelling?

Bad Spelling Will Distract Your Reader
Incorrect English spelling will definitely distract the reader of a text. Whether it’s important or not is for the reader to decide, but a misspelled work will automatically take attention away from the message being communicated and direct it toward the incorrect spelling or usage, in turn hindering the writer’s credibility.

Bad Spelling Can Change the Meaning
Were you eating a pair or a pear? Were you digging a hole or a whole? If your reader doesn’t know, you’ve got a serious communication problem.

Bad Spelling Can Leave a Poor Impression
While your experience and skills are the most important aspect of your CV, it’s important not to stand out from the crowd for the wrong reasons. Spelling mistakes on your CV will automatically relegate you to a category you deleted don’t want to be in. Some recruitment agencies say they even throw the CV of potential candidates directly into the bin if they find one spelling error. It would be shame to have worked so hard to see your opportunity be squandered by bad spelling.

Bad Spelling Can Cost Your Company a Lot!
If your job is directly linked to the creation of content in English, you could find yourself in serious trouble some day with the appearance of a spelling error. Last year, I heard a story from a colleague about a friend who had approved the English text for about 30,000 shoe boxes with the word ‘opportunity’ spelled ‘oppordunidy’. Not exactly the professional reputation the business was hoping to communicate to their clients. Talk about an expensive typo!

It’s obvious that spelling like a native English speaker is difficult, but it is definitely necessary in the professional world. Businesses judge us for our English spelling skills whether we like it or not.

If you’re looking for more helpful tips on spelling and pronunciation, get in contact with us or visit our social media accounts to let us know what you’d like to hear about. We’re located in Harlem, New York City and offer professional English study for adults looking to get professional about their English skills. Stop by and visit us for a free consultation. No ID or proof of residence required. Special discounts are coming for 2018, so stay connected to learn more!

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