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Did you know that, according to LinkedIn and other professional recruiting websites, fluency in a foreign language is one of the most important skills that employers look for in job candidates? In our always-connected and globalized world, big corporations and international non-profits aren’t the only ones looking for bilingual or multilingual employees anymore. Today, even local businesses are looking for new opportunities across international borders–whether it’s sourcing materials or selling to foreign customers in emerging markets.

At Speak Up USA, we believe that everyone can improve their English with the right kind of instruction and a little bit of real world practice. And that’s especially true when those skills can be applied in the workplace.

Are you looking for the best way to convince your boss that he or she should also be invested in your language learning skills? Are you a boss looking to be convinced? Here’s five solid reasons why every company should also be interested in helping take their employees’ English language game to the next level.

Bilingual Business Opportunities
If your business is international, this one is obvious. Acquiring a professional level of any new language, whether it’s English, Spanish, or Chinese, is going to create new professional opportunities for both you and your company. Even if your company is local and doesn’t do any international business, that doesn’t mean that all of your customers or clients speak proper English. In the United States, it’s sometimes easy to forget that many clients might be using English as their second language. If you’re in sales, customer service, or some other department that requires you to communicate regularly with customers–written or verbally–this skill is a huge advantage and can lead to all kinds of professional possibilities in the future.

Diverse Workforce
If you’re in the business of innovation, a multicultural workplace can be a big advantage when approaching problems and seeking out new solutions. Bilingual employees can offer a new perspective and a diverse approach to problem solving thanks to their variety of unique experiences all over the world. Those who know other languages and learn English as a second language are often exposed to new vocabulary and cultural experiences that present distinct situations that others may consider normal. A well-rounded and diverse staff could be the key to taking your creative team from ordinary to extraordinary!

Native English Competency
Any non-native English learner will tell you that there is wide gap between knowing English and being a native English speaker. The nuances of any language are difficult to grasp as a non-native speaker, often causing confusion regarding specific vocabulary and specific jargon in professional settings. While it’s true that English is the dominant language of the business world, many companies continue to report their need to employees to possess critical English skills. Polished and professional English could be the difference between closing the deal or losing the bid. Whether you’re presenting to an international investor, answering customer questions, or representing your company at a trade show, your level of English represents not only you, but also the business you work for.

Smart Workers Are Happy Workers
Did you know that numerous scientific studies claim that learning a new language can also make you smarter in other areas of your everyday life? Learning a new language like English can actually grow your brain and increase cognitive functions across a wide range of skill sets. Languages are not only intricate and detailed, but they develop good habits like patience and persistence. What employer isn’t looking for great business skills like those?

Better Employees = Better Morale
When your employer is dedicated to your professional development, it shows. New opportunities and training are highly valued by the majority of company employees, especially those who are allowed to put those skills to good use in the workplace. Creating good morale at the office is a combination of many contributing factors: feeling valued by your employer, high job satisfaction, professional growth, etc. For employers, it’s also important to maintain a low turnover rate and attract happier, more productive employees who enjoy learning and dedicating themselves to the company goals. If your company is cutting costs on training and employee development rather than in other areas, we think it’s worth asking how your employer values the personal growth of his or her staff.

What do you think? Do you think your boss should be invested in improving your English skills? Does your business typically invest in the language skills of its employees? At Speak Up USA, we are experts at tailoring classes to the specialized needs of any company staff, big or small. We offer some of the best and most affordable English classes in New York City for businesses and adult professionals of all ages.

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