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If you are wondering where to invest or where to launch your start-up, Speak Up franchise business model is a great choice.
Speak Up offers clear cooperation terms and no hidden costs. Your business will be launched with the support of an experienced partner that will engage in assisting you and your team to become one of the largest organizations in your market.

If you are concerned about the success of his opportunity, you should keep in mind that Speak Up has already opened over 70 schools in different markets. Our team will ensure that the ‘on-site’ assistance and training are well planned and executed when implementing the Speak Up business model in your country by training each staff member and providing all of the necessary tools and systems that are needed to offer a high level of service to each one of our students.


Contact info@speakup-usa.com for more information.

Speak Up is one of the largest language school networks in Europe, owned by the international investment group Penta Investments.

Penta is active on more than 10 markets throughout Europe, and has offices in Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, and Munich. It focuses on long-term investment into health care, financial services, retail, manufacturing, media, and real estate development. It owns assets valued at $7 billion, and focuses on business opportunities where our professional abilities can be leveraged.

The language school division is represented by Learning Systems Group (LSG) which operates schools with more than 100,000 students. LSG is the leader in English language teaching in Central, and Eastern Europe, and continues to grow by implementing an ambitious expansion plan in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.