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Course Levels


You understand and know how to use basic common expressions and phrases describing everyday life. You know how to introduce yourself and others but also the place where you live, people you know or the objects you’re surrounded by. It’s important for you that your interlocutor speaks slowly, clearly and is ready to help.

You have no problems when introducing yourself and others, you know how to speak about yourself, presenting basic information in simple sentences (your job, your place of living, your daily life and your preferences). With the usage of basic vocabulary, you know how to describe your day and give your interlocutor simple tips.
Beginner 1
You can discuss your favorite activities and ask questions. You know how to describe your house, family life and you are able to speak about important events in English with ease.
Beginner 2
You have no problems talking about your personal life or your future plans in English, even on the phone. You will also manage to describe your skills and talents. You know how to talk about your generation or about the past. You can engage in small talk about topics such as holidays and the weather.

You understand statements and frequently used expressions in daily life (e.g. basic information about your interlocutor and his family, shopping, surroundings and work). You know how to communicate in routine communication situations where you need an uncomplicated, direct exchange of information on known and typical topics. You can describe your background, surroundings and also mention the most important things connected to everyday needs.

You can describe your friends’ character and appearance in detail. You know how to express obligation and necessity. You know how to agree or disagree. You know how to describe your place of living or order your favorite meal in a restaurant easily. You can express requests and use simple future with no problems.
You suggest, you suppose and express requests in English. You share your experience with others. You show your emotions, especially joy, admiration, disbelief and astonishment. You know how to ask for information and give recommendations. You describe your lifestyle, surrounding environment and your hobbies in an interesting way.

It’s easy for you to talk about topics connected with work, school or free time – if it’s a standard discussion. You can cope with most communication situations that you may come across while travelling and that require you to speak English. You can coherently speak about topics you know and like. You describe experiences and events. You know how to dream in English. You have hopes and aspirations. You can explain your opinions and plans.

You can describe feelings, emotions, attitudes and memories from your childhood in English. You can talk about literature, theatre, travelling or technical development. You can describe how machines work. It’s easy for you to express suppositions in English.
You can give your opinion on media and advertisements. You express suppositions and give advice. You can justify your complaint regarding services. You discuss discoveries, research and achievements from the past. You describe people, places and events and, in informal conversations, you express opinions on current events.
You can handle topics connected to the environment, government and politics or finance with ease. You know how to lead a conversation in English.
You know how to start, sustain and finish a simple conversation. You can express opinions on different lifestyles and subcultures, cultural differences and discuss climate changes and natural phenomena. Discussion on future trends? Sure!
You express opinions on films and television. You describe illnesses and health problems. You can speak about topics connected to experiences in education and sports.
Speaking about professional life, employment and the future is no problem for you.

You understand the main threads of thought in texts on abstract and specific issues, including discussions on technical matters. You can communicate fluently and spontaneously enough to have a regular conversation with a native speaker with no stress. You construct clear oral and written statements on many topics, eagerly participate in discussions on various topics, considering the pros and cons of different solutions.

You easily approach abstract topics, describe your feelings, emotions, hopes and plans. You can share your experiences in detail and share information precisely. Leading a conversation, developing thoughts, forming clear statements, expressing your opinion and discussion are a piece of cake for you!
You express and fully justify your opinions. Topics connected with banking and finance are no problem for you. You express certainty, probability and doubts. You know how to react, express interest, compassion and surprise. You use colloquial language. You can assess and review.

You understand a wide range of complex, longer texts noticing hidden meaning not presented clearly. You can speak fluently, spontaneously, finding the right expressions with no great difficulty. You use English effectively and freely in social, friendly, educational or professional contexts. You can form clear, well-constructed and specific statements on complex problems efficiently. You correctly use rules of speech organization, conjunctions and indicators.

You can precisely express attitudes, feelings and points of view. You review and express constructive criticism. You know how to defend your point of view, express different shades of reaction and stages of certainty. You notice hidden meaning. You can speak your mind on topics connected with household chores.
You express hypotheses on reasons and consequences of occurrences. You form specific opinions on complex matters. You use various register levels adjusted to the situation. You can speak your mind on the topic of scientific achievements.

You understand a very wide range of complex texts. You notice hidden meanings, expressed indirectly. You can summarize information from different sources in a coherent way. You speak your mind fluently, spontaneously and precisely. You use English effectively and freely in social, friendly, educational or professional contexts.

You express attitudes, feelings and points of view in a coherent way using advanced language structures. You can defend your point of view convincingly. You use idioms.
In the opinions of others, you notice hidden meaning, presented indirectly. You speak your mind on business matters easily.


You express your opinions and hypotheses on substantial matters. You form specific, coherent statements on business matters. You use complex language forms and idioms spontaneously and precisely. You are Master material. You are ready to take on the world!