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Speak Up guarantees the highest efficiency in English language training. The method applied makes you learn more, faster, and easier as the conducted classes combine vital aspects such as individual approach and the use of the latest educational options.
Speak Up Schools base their curriculum on a unique methodology tailored to the needs of each student.
5 steps to success in achieving your learning goals

During these lessons, you are transferred to the world of English – you ask questions, answer them, practice pronunciation, and listen to various accents as if you were abroad.
In each lesson, you learn new vocabulary, grammatical structures, and develop a wide range of language skills.
  • You can repeat individual exercises or whole lessons at your own pace.
  • Lessons can be done at anytime, anywhere. All you need is to log in to the “Student Zone” to access the multimedia lessons wherever you are.

A unique Student Book designed exclusively for the Speak Up course is used for consolidating the material learnt during the multimedia lessons.
  • The professional and practical Speak Up course book contains explanations of language structures introduced in the multimedia lessons and group classes.
  • The tasks in the book are aligned with the multimedia lessons so the language acquisition process is much easier.

These are productive and dynamic classes with a teacher, in groups of 1 to 7.
They are conducted in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.
At the beginning, the teacher clarifies doubts you may have in relation to the material covered in the multimedia lessons.
The teacher will also explain the lessons in the course book.
During these classes, you will master your language skills on a step-by-step basis and use them in practical situations.


These are complementary classes with a teacher, held in groups of maximum 10 students.
You may choose classes according to your specific needs and objectives.
Workshops focus on specific skills such as speaking, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing.
You and your personal teacher will agree together on the recommended workshops for you.


These are additional topic-based classes.
Club activities are for learners who want to focus on certain topics such as Business English, Specialized English or talking about specific subjects.

They are individual consultations with a teacher that address specific issues related to the course.
The main purpose of these consultations is to discuss your learning progress with your personal teacher.
  • Review of your online progress reports and multimedia lessons results.
  • Feedback from your personal teacher based on your participation in the classes.
  • Discuss results and set new objectives.
  • Discuss topics in your current level that you find difficult, if any.

The Student Zone gives unlimited access to the English language for Speak Up students.
  • After logging in, you can do multimedia lessons, check your results, and book teacher contact classes.
  • You can also find various kinds of engaging exercises. Thanks to them, you will not only develop your language skills, but also have fun with English 24 hours a day.